Nittany's Angels


Sweet Jake (8 Mar 1998 - 7 Dec 2010)

Jake waltzed through our front door
As though he'd done it many times before

Booted from a house with too many babies
We took him for sure, there'd be no maybes

His luggage was light, a leash and a floppy bear
Soon he had dozens of toys that he'd gladly share

Never wanting to rise from his big comfy bed
He requested his meals be delivered instead

He was the yin for Mila's yang
Strong affection they showed, never a fang

For Mila's storms, he was her calming hand
He was the one who could understand

Somewhere in life, he lost his bark
To bray like a burro, was his lark

Neighbor Tom Tomzak, his all time best pal
He'd go to his house and let out a great howl

Howling and braying and non-stop bleating
Until Tom came out and offered a "Jake Baby!" greeting

Next he would pause to see Merv at his place
Offering some empathy at a slow soothing pace

Two quiet guys sharing deep words so few
Jake would leave feeling a little like new

Making note to remember, as he settled in for the night
To raise his ears for Nicole, both the left and the right

Shameless in sharing his sensitive love
He'd lean in so close, he'd fit like a glove

Our Greenville house feels almighty spare
Now that our Sweet Jake, is no longer there

-Kathleen Perry, December 7, 2010